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Sticky Bun Productions focuses on telling accurate, empowering stories of complicated family-building journeys and complex families for TV, film, theater, and the web. We prioritize working with filmmakers, cast, and crew who have historically been left out of the TV and film industry including, but not limited to, BIPOC, female, and/or non-binary people.

wait sign written in orange on black background

Often our lives are defined by the tiny moments when we can do nothing but wait. This is a short film about a pivotal moment a couple experiences on their infertility journey.

Executive Producer: Parijat Deshpande

Director: TBA


Writer: Parijat Deshpande

Light blue background with a white KN95 mask folded and a title that says PSA Mask Up, It's Cool

Inspired by the ongoing pandemic, and the impact that SARS2 has on adverse fertility, pregnancy, fetal, and neonatal outcomes, this is a PSA to encourage community members to mask up until we can clean the air and eradicate the virus for good. Riddled with humor and entertainment, we're sure our viewers will be inspired to grab a mask the next time they leave the house!

Executive Producer: Parijat Deshpande

Producer: Lauren Ashcraft

Writer: Shelby Slauer

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