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Who We Are

Sticky Bun Productions is a woman-owned independent production company dedicated to telling accurate and empowering stories of complicated family-building journeys and complex families.

Founded by integrative high-risk pregnancy specialist, Parijat Deshpande, Sticky Bun Productions is committed to developing and producing stories that have historically been untold.

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What We Do

We partner with independent and freelance filmmakers, creatives, and crew around the globe to produce human-centered, accurate content related to infertility, loss, high-risk pregnancy, prematurity, and complex families.

We primarily develop and produce TV pilots and series, short and narrative films, audio series and web series. We focus specifically on the following genres: Drama, Dramedy, (Dark) Comedy, Musicals, Mystery, Psychological thriller, Crime thriller.


With our team of exceptionally talented, primarily BIPOC, filmmakers and freelance team, we are able to offer multiple levels of support to turn your idea into an engaging and sought after project.


  • For writers, directors, producers, and actors

  • To ensure ccurate depiction and inclusivity of storylines depicting reproductive health, pregnancy, prematurity, NICU parenting, and loss

  • Available for pilots, TV series, web series, short films, feature films, documentaries, and theater


  • For character-driven stories featuring complex female or non-binary leads

  • To develop ideas to script or option completed scripts and package to pitch to production partners and networks

  • Available for shorts & features, pilot or TV series, audio series, and web series


  • For stories featuring complicated family-building journeys or complex families and strong female/non-binary leads

  • Includes partnership from development to distribution

  • Available for narrative feature films, narrative short films, short & feature length documentaries, TV series, audio series, and web series
sticky bun

Meet The Team

Parijat Deshpande

Parijat Deshpande is the founder of Sticky Bun Productions. The production company was inspired by her personal experiences with infertility, losses, a high-risk pregnancy, and an extremely preterm delivery, as well as her professional experience working as an integrative high-risk pregnancy and somatic trauma professional. She recognized that the perpetual myths and misconceptions about complicated family-building journeys can be effectively curbed by telling compelling, accurate, and relatable stories.

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Lauren Ashcraft is a standup comedian, writer, producer, and devoted mom from New York City. She trained Gotham Comedy Club, Squirrel Theater, and Magnet Theater, and has performed at clubs all around New York City. Her grant-funded sketch pilot "Pigeon Food" premiered at Q.E.D. Astoria in 2021, and she hosts and produces "Momedy," a standout comedy show showcasing mothers and non-binary parent comedians. She's passionate about telling and producing compelling stories that raise awareness for causes close to her heart. Lauren is currently a producer for our Mask Up PSA and head writer for an unnamed project in development!

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Shelby Slauer is a writer and performer based in Brooklyn. Her writing credits include Overheard NY, Reductress and ClickHole. She has been featured in Vulture and The New York Times. She graduated from NYU for Film & Television, with honors because she never had to take math. Shelby is currently the writer for our Mask Up PSA.

sticky bun

Behind the Name

During an IVF cycle, patients are often offered "sticky vibes" to send good thoughts that the embryo will stick (a.k.a. implant). Sticky Bun was the nickname our founder used to refer to one of her children during pregnancy after multiple losses.

Sticky Buns are also the elevated version of the more commonly eaten cinnamon roll, and we commit ourselves to elevate the depiction of infertility, high-risk pregnancy, loss, prematurity, and complex families to a much more transformational and inspirational level than media has seen.

sticky bun

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